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  • 3+ months in business

  • $5k gross monthly sales or $60k annual gross sales

  • No minimum FICO.

Qualify for Business Line of Credit

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No need to worry about bad credit! The majority of our leading financing choices do not require a minimum FICO score.

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Our aim is to assist you in identifying the most suitable financing options that provide the highest funding amount.


Our streamlined online application process takes only 15 seconds to complete, and you can expect personalized financial options today.

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We can help you complete the underwriting process quickly and get your funding approved in just a few hours.



Speak with a Business Financing Advisor now!

Our team of advisors will assist you in discovering the most suitable financing alternatives for your business, providing you with more funding, favorable terms, and reduced interest rates.

We're here to guide you through every stage of the process.

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So, what is a
Small Business Loan?

In basic terms, a small business loan is a financing solution tailored for small businesses. These loans enable both existing and new companies to secure funds from different lenders. Entrepreneurs can choose from various loan options to achieve specific objectives, with each loan type functioning differently based on its design.

There are numerous business loan structures available in the market; here is an overview of a select few of them -


Term Loan

A traditional bank loan functions by disbursing funds to you, which your business then repays incrementally, encompassing both the principal amount and the accumulated interest.


Equipment Financing

In this business financing example, your business acquires equipment immediately and then pays for it gradually throughout its useful life. Equipment Financing offers a great advantage to expanding businesses.


Accounts Receivable Financing


Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance includes borrowing against future credit card sales, and the borrower repays a percentage of their daily credit card sales to the lender. This method eliminates the need to make direct payments.


A business line of credit operates akin to a virtual credit card, where small business proprietors are granted a specific credit limit and incur interest solely on the portion of credit utilized.

If you have a substantial volume of unpaid invoices, leveraging them to secure a loan is a viable option. By using the outstanding invoices as collateral, Accounts Receivable (AR) Financing can provide access to funds at reduced interest rates.

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